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Top 10 Best Health Benefits of Ginger


This natural herb is used across the world by many as a spice. Ginger is also regarded as a virtual medicine because of its multiple health benefits. Benefits of Ginger are essential and effective in neutralizing various ailments. This has been proved by the different researches conducted on the natural herb. Ginger contains anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, antitussive, antiseptic , antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and (cough suppressant) features that are of immense value to your health. (more…)

Top 5 Foods To Prevent Osteoporosis

Soybean - Foods to Prevent Osteoporosis

According to reports by National Osteoporosis Foundation, there are over 12 million people in America with osteoporosis. Another 35 million are said to have low bone density that is attributed to osteoporosis risk in the future. This condition causes the bones to become weak, thin, and easily broken. Fortunately, you can play an important role in avoiding it through exercise, quit smoking, and diet. The following are the top 5 Foods to prevent osteoporosis:

Top 3 Things You Need to Know About Alcohol While Breastfeeding


Breastfeeding is an important phase for most women these days. All women should take care of their body, so they can give the best milk for their babies. It is important to avoid consuming alcohol while breastfeeding. There are some negative side effects that can be caused by this ingredient. Alcohol can cause some health problems in the babies when they consume alcohol in breast milk. When women want to have healthy babies, they need to learn how they can limit their alcohol consumption. Here are top 3 things that people need to know about alcohol during breastfeeding period. (more…)

Top 10 health benefits of Olive oil

health benefits of olive oil

health benefits of olive oil

It has always been said about health benefits of olive oil. Actually a product that contain beneficial ingredients are very useful when it comes to personal health care. It has been used as a foodstuff due to high amount of monounsaturated fatty acid and vitamins. It has been proven that olive oil promoting good cholesterol while lowering bad cholesterol. Issues concerning digestive system like ulcers and gallstones are being prevented. When it comes to quality olive oil it contains antioxidants which are very useful in the body. These is just a brief introduction to show you how beneficial olive oil can be in your body.

Top ten health benefits of Olive oil

Let us now focus on extensive health benefits of olive oil, which have been discovered thorough research and they have been proven to work. The below health benefits are attributed to the natural property of olive oil and they include: (more…)

Top 15 energy boosting foods

Energy Boosting Foods-Feeling Sluggish

Energy Boosting Foods – Feeling Sluggish?

Are you recently feeling like your energy is running out more often than usual? Are you doing more work than usual and consequently getting more tired than usual? Are you looking for something that can help keep your energy high throughout the day? Well, whatever the case, what you need to do is include some energy boosting foods in your diet. Below are top 15 energy boosting foods and fruits that can help boost your energy levels considerably.

1. Almonds:

Almonds are particularly effective for boosting energy levels when consumed raw and without salt. They are basically a good source of proteins and healthy fats necessary for balancing blood sugar levels and keeps you energized for a prolonged period of time. (more…)

Brain Healthy Foods – 10 Foods that Build Stronger Brain

Brain Healthy Foods - Strong Brain

Brain Healthy Foods – Strong Brain

It is often stated that you’re what you eat. As much as many might want to dispute this, it is every bit true. Even your brain’s performance is subject to the foods that you eat both in the long and in the short time. To make sure that your brain is able to remain strong and sharp, there are a number of brain healthy foods and particularly those from Asia that are especially good at serving this function. This is not only in your junior life but also well into your advanced years. Aside from that some have been known to greatly protect the brain from some of the diseases like Alzheimer’s as well as memory loss. Bet you now can’t wait to know what you should be eating right? Well let’s get started.


Pregnancy Foods-Healthy and Unhealthy foods

Pregnancy foods

Pregnancy foods

Its a common question, what should pregnant women eat? Its very important to eat nutritious foods to nourish the baby while keeping your health in touch and yourself in shape during this important period in your life. Here are just a few suggestions as to what a healthy diet of a pregnant woman should look like. We’ll also introduce you to the foods that should be avoided later in the article. (more…)

Muscle building foods-7 healthy foods to build muscle



For most people, gaining muscle means countless hours of workout. Diet does not usually feature in the workout schedules. For the body to gain real lean muscle, you have to provide more calories and better nutrition that will enhance muscle development. There are many types muscle building foods that you can take to enhance your muscle development.



Top 7 Muscle Building Foods

1. Eggs

Eggs are health foods and feature among the top muscle building foods. Egg yolk is rich in cholesterol that promotes steroid hormone production while the egg white is rich in body building proteins. You need not take many eggs; about four eggs per week mixed with endurance and strength exercises will do to produce real muscle. (more…)

Calcium-rich Foods-Health Benefit that Worth Knowing

Calcium-rich Foods

Calcium-rich Foods

Calcium is among one of the most minerals that the body requires to remain active and healthy. Although children grow up getting calcium from their breastfed milk, this amount of calcium is not enough for the body. Studies show that the body absorbs calcium into the bloodstream better than from calcium supplements. In addition, the body loses much calcium daily through sweat, feces, hair, nails, and skin. If one does not replace the lost calcium, the body functions by using the available calcium from the bones. This action weakens the bones. It is the reason people should add calcium-rich foods into their diet.

7 top Health Benefit of Calcium-rich Foods

Cheese, yoghurt, and milk are the most common daily sources of calcium. Other examples include fish, orange juice, broccoli, Brussels, mustard greens, and rice. It is advisable to take more green leafy vegetables than daily products since apart from providing the body with calcium; they are also rich in fat and other useful nutrients. In addition to these sources, one should also consider taking coral calcium. It is a pure calcium rich nutritional supplement with many benefits than regular calcium. Below are the health benefits of calcium-rich foods. (more…)

Healing Foods-The best 10 Herbal Healing Foods

Healing foods

Reinforcement Healing foods

There are some healing foods especially herbs that can do more than just satiating your hunger. There is enough evidence which shows that herbal foods have healing benefits also. Here are top 10 herbs that have immense healing powers and are very instrumental in keeping diseases at bay:

1. Black Pepper

Pepper is not only a spice but it also has a special ability to prevent cancerous cells from multiplying and growing. Laboratory experiments reveal that piperine, an ingredient of black pepper acts against cells that show signs of cancer by deactivating them. At the same time it does not have any negative effect on healthy cells. (more…)

Best Healthy Foods For Kids Within Different Age Groups

healthy foods for kids-healthy kids

Healthy kids

Many are the times we are urged to feed our kids with healthy foods from the time they are newborns, till the time they are 11 or 12 years old. However, you may not be conversant with some of the best foods for growing kids based on their age. Below are some guidelines on how you are supposed to feed your child from the time he is a couple of months old till he is 11-12 years of age.

Healthy foods for kids guideline


7 Unhealthy Foods Risking Your Heart

thefoodrevolution_heart-attackHeart is an important organ in our body. It is very important to maintain the heart’s health everyday. To have a healthy heart, we need to reduce the consumption of these unhealthy foods. Maintaining a good healthy heart can be achieved by consuming healthy foods. There are some unhealthy foods that should be avoided because they may cause huge trouble to our heart.

Here are 7 unhealthy foods that we should avoid


7 Great Foods For Healthy Hair and Scalp

Foods for Healthy Hair and Scalp - Healthy Hair

Healthy Hair

Almost every individual wishes to have better and healthy hair that gives you great and will not diminish by age. It is necessary for the individuals to take care of the things that they eat and consume the necessary nutrients so that the hair follicles, hair strands and scalp can be kept healthy. There are certain food items that are so good and it is essential for you to consume those foods for healthy hair and scalp. These healthy foods can help you in easily getting rid of the common problems that you have which include dry and greasy hair.

7 Popular Foods For Healthy Hair and Scalp


Top 7 Best Foods to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

thefoodrevolution_eyes issuesGood vision is very important for most people these days. Therefore, many people want to learn how they can improve their vision safely. They can consume some healthy foods for supporting the function of their eyes. There are some recommended foods that people should consume these days. Some of these foods contain high amount of nutrients that are good for human eyes. These products are proven to be very effective to increase vision safely. Here are top 7 best foods to keep your eyes healthy. (more…)

5 best foods to boost up AntiBody

thefoodrevolution_betacarotine foodHaving a weak, characterized by few antibodies, immunity system leaves us susceptible to infections. Antibodies are proteins found in the human blood serving as a defense mechanism against foreign infectious materials introduced to the body as in disease state. Eating healthy foods is the only sure way to ascertain our antibody levels remain high. Below are five healthy foods that will help your body against infections.


7 Healthy Foods To Lose Weight Very Fast

healthy foods to lose weight

healthy foods to lose weight

Carrying those extra pounds of weight can be such a burden. But do you know that you could be a step closer to shedding those extrapounds of weight by performing some exercises and including some specific types of healthy foods to lose weight regularly?

Here are 7 healthy foods to lose weight incredibly fast.